School Holidays at Academy

Academy Cinemas are screening some family friendly flicks for the school holidays! Starting with the Twilight Marathon- if you're feeling a bit nostalgic, or your kids haven't experienced the series before, bring them along for an Academy Cinemas marathon!

Twilight Mega Marathon

714 mins | Rated M

Saturday September 26
Or, to celebrate the spooky season, teens will enjoy these classic, campy horror films, featuring giant ants and tarantulas terrorising towns! These films are rated R13 and up. 

Big Creature Double Feature

174 mins | Rated R13

Sunday October 11

Special Sunday Matinees for Kids!

Stretching beyond the holidays, we're hosting some special classics at Academy Cinemas which are perfect to bring your kids along to!
Sunday October 04

Hocus Pocus (1994)

96 mins | Rated PG

Hocus Pocus (1994)

96 mins | Rated PG

Sunday October 25

$5 Wednesday Family Flicks

Films are only $5 on Wednesdays at Academy Cinemas! Perfect for family groups - round up the kids and bring them along to see some classics you grew up with!
Wednesday September 30

Goodbye Pork Pie (1980)

91 mins | Rated PG

Wednesday October 07